Public safety is our first concern.We have taken some extreme measures to help ensure this. We are following TDLR guidelines.

Feel free to come inside when you arrive. If you are early we may ask you to wait outside or in your car
Client masks are recommended. Please bring one with you

Wash or sanitize your hands when you come in

Please cancel if you do not feel well. No fee will be charged

​If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 please reschedule until 10 days have passed.

We can only accept clients with an appointment. Please do not bring friends and family

All stylists will wear a mask or cloth covering while working with clients. 

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Additional steps taken include relocating salon styling stations to create greater separation between stylists. Each stylist limits appointments to one at a time to reduce the number of people in the salon. The ceiling fans have been turned off. This reduces the potential of airborne spread of the virus. We have installed air filters that are effective in filtering Viruses. We have removed as many non-essential items from the salon as possible including the fabric reception seating that cannot be sanitized easily. We have reduced the number of styling products at our individual stations.

Saint John Beauty Co. will continue to work hard to provide the safest salon environment and maintain a standard well above Federal and State guidelines.

COVID-19 Precaution Steps at Saint John Beauty Co.


Saint John Beauty Co. takes the COVID-19 outbreak very serious. Our number one priority is to protect the safety and well being of our patrons, families and fellow coworkers.

 We cannot ensure 100% safety from this virus however we went well beyond the state regulated requirements. Every "touch surface" is disinfected on a continual basis with a virucide disinfectant. These items include but are not limited to light switches, door knobs and cabinet handles, all processing chairs, styling chairs and hooded dryers, soap dispensers, faucet handles, shampoo sinks bowls and chairs. 

 We disinfect our combs, brushes and other implements with a hospital grade disinfectant after every use. Our laundry is cleaned and dried using high heat proven to kill viruses.