We are packaging your customized hair color for you to apply at home!

Your same professional quality hair color formula will be custom mixed and available for pickup at the salon (via curbside service).

Starting at $40

Cheaper than fixing a box color!

Each kit will include;

  • Mixing instructions (equal portions in most cases). 
  • 1 - 2oz. Container of your specific hair color
  • 1- 2oz. Bottle of developer
  • 2- Disposable latex free gloves
  • 1 - Professional application brush (where required).

All packaged in a retro biodegradable paper lunch bag.

You will need a plastic bowl or storage container, old shirt and old towel.​

This is the easy part. We have already done the formulating for you! In the video tutorial we are only demonstrating an application to the "T" section. This includes the top and sides around the front hairline. For most of you, this is all you will need until we see you again. Once mixed the color will not last in storage. Please enjoy and feel free to text or call us if you have any questions.​

- Keeping You Covered - 

- How -

- What's Included -

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Lily Fonseca


Living with limited contact during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a bit tough. One thing that can help raise your spirits and keep a positive outlook is to maintain your beauty routine.

As a way to continue to meet your beauty needs we are providing a great opportunity during these unique times.

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The amount of product provided in a standard kit will yield 4 oz of mixed hair color. This is the amount we typically use for a root retouch when you come in.

We suggest that you only apply your hair color to the areas of concern, typically the "T" section at the front hairline and across your part area on top. This will camouflage your grays and keep you covered (covered- get it) for 6-8 weeks.​

- Make it Last - 

Matthew Adam